I picked up some baked beans and cole slaw at the Big W in Wingdale on Saturday afternoon and passed the abandoned Harlem Valley Hospital, which is at the Wingdale railroad station. I haven’t followed the story lately but it has been an elephant’s graveyard for real estate developers since it closed at least 20 years ago. Architecturally is it spectacular and was built when brickwork and workmanship still mattered. I’ll do some further research on when it was opened and closed and the latest news but I still cannot believe that it has never been put to what is called alternative use.

the buildings are magnificent and I understand the property included many homes and maybe 1000 acres. It was originally built and always used as a mental hospital for the non criminally insane (I’m sure there is a more politically correct term- but you get the idea).

So here are the pictures. If any of my readers know more about it, let me, and the other readers know some more of the history and present plans. Otherwise I will do a little homework.

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