For those of you who follow this blog or have for a while know of my two Spring projects. I’m shooting for April 1, to have the day old chicks arrive, peeping away at the post office. I’m getting Rhode Island Reds, 18 hens and 2 roosters. They will take four months of eating and growing before starting to lay (the hens not the fish, that is)but when they do, it’s 18 eggs a day for at least two years before they start to slow down.

Some years ago I decided to hatch out some of the eggs to get more chickens but a strange thing happened. We have a hunting club nearby. They were kind enough to allow me to hatch out my eggs in their incubator. The chickens that came out were all different colors, strange looking birds, not like the Reds. It seems that when you buy Rhode Island Reds they are not purebred but are usually combined with white leghorns. The reason seems to be that they lay better and don’t eat as much, or at least that’s what I have been told. So stay tuned for pictures when they arrive.

Our neighbors two young sons will be ecstatic as they love to come, see the chickens and always bring back the empty egg cartons. which reminds me of Sam, another neighbor’s son who is now out of college but when he was about 9 or 10 he loved to stand in the chicken coop and watch the birds. He was very intense and fascinated by their actions. He could stand there for great lengths of time. I’ll have to check to see what he is doing now. I doubt he is an ornithologist.

As to the sterile carp, i have to figure out where to buy them and how to get the paperwork done with the DEC. But i assure you they will be in the lake eating up the weeds by summer time. I noticed on Global Earth that my neighbor who has two large lakes but has a huge fence around his property to keep the deer in and the people out, has a green slime on his lakes, looks like a bad case of algae. I have no intention of telling him the secret of the sterile carp. Maybe he likes the green slime. It seems to fit in with the Jurassic Park theme.

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