I have mentioned previously Big W’s BBQ in Wingdale. Yesterday one of my nephews who is slightly obsessed with Big W’s food asked me to go over and pick up 3 large slabs of ribs to bring to him. He lived in Moscow, Russia, not Idaho, for about 12 years and still goes back and forth pretty regularly for business. He had the food vacuum sealed and is taking it with him tomorrow to Russia. He uses it for a sort of barter. He stays at a friend’s apartment and apparently the meat is of sufficient value to allow him to exchange it for two weeks rent, or so he says.
Anyway it is in his – does anyone still use the word- icebox and will be winging it’s way with him tomorrow. Big W, I think the W is for Warren, does a great job with BBQ but his baked beans, cole slaw and cabbage also are real winners.

As the picture shows W has grown in his business, I guess eating up a certain amount of his products, but hey what better recommendation could he have. Here are a few of the specials.

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