Years ago I had an acquaintance, actual a person I had very good reason not to like but who had an expression he used often and while I disliked him, I liked the expression. When we had some substantial project in front of us he would say “We have a lot of wood to chop.”

Ronald Reagan used to like to split and chop wood as an exercise and diversion and that’s something I can understand. So here is a pile of wood that if I chopped it all I would have enough for the rest of my life. It has been piling up since the year before last and was greatly increased last October when the snow storm cracked large limbs off some of the trees. It has been cut up by chain saw into fireplace log lengths and all that is left is to start splitting away, the best exercise in the world, beats the health club any day.

I have a friend Larry, up in the Berkshires who once told me the only thing better than having a log splitter, is having a neighbor who has one. In my case it is true because Tommy who lives down in the valley has a splitter that we (read he) used last fall to make some headway with the pile and give me enough wood for the winter but from here on in, it will be manpower for a while until I get too tired or bored or something in my back gives, and then I’ll give Tommy a call but I assure you it wont be soon.

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