Well I usually buy them through the mail but a neighbor told me that they have new chicks at the Tractor Supply Store up in Amenia so I went up this morning and picked up 12 pullet chicks and four unsexed chicks. The pullets are Rhode Island Red/White leghorn cross which are very good layers and don’t eat as much as pure Rhode Islands. Unsexed means that they don’t tell you what the sex is and as a result they are cheaper, so I may get a few more laying hens and a couple of roosters which is fine with me. I bought 50 lbs of chick feed which believe it or not they will go through like a hot knife through butter.I brought them home and put them in the chicken coop in a a small box I made and found that the heat lamp which I hadn’t used for a few years had a short and blew the first bulb. Back to the local lumber store for a new lamp and bulb and the chicks are now peeping away. They usually take about four months before they start to lay but when they do, it’s an egg a day for a couple of years.

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