The above link is to a website sent by a friend I haven’t seen in years. The last I heard he was an attorney in New York. He used to be a neighbor out at the beach but got divorced and disappeared out of my life. He was a great sailor and used to take me in his Flying Scot across the Great South Bay.

So somehow he got my email address and sent the above. Unfortunately the webpage doesn’t seem to open but if you click on his name- Alan, you will see his poem. Strangely he is the third person I know who became a poet. Frank who worked for IBM and was poisoned by Starbucks (see post below) is now a poet as is my brother, who worked for the government his whole career and is now living in Northampton Massachusetts.

There must be some explanation for it. Maybe they can explain it but anyway I’m pleased to get my brother’s poem of the week and put one on this website last year having to do with the late beloved Samantha-Old Dog. Frank also sends me poems pretty regularly, mostly on interesting spiritual subjects but years ago he wrote a beautiful poem entitled “Tom Lee is Dead” about a Chinese Laundry in his neighborhood.

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