I admit I am not a good carpenter, enthusiastic yes, competent no. This post is being written mainly for Ernie a friend who lives at the farm each fall and who may be as bad a carpenter as I am. Over the years we have cobbed together various things from tables to fencing, to fixing doors among other efforts. So when the chicks arrived a few weeks ago I had to build a small enclosure for them from plywood scraps that I had saved. So here is a picture of the work in progress, before and after:
Now here is a picture of the chicks in situ, they seem to like it and haven’t complained of the shoddy workmanship. I have also posted on the right a primitive table that Ernie and I built some years ago. The good news is that you could put a piano on it and it wouldn’t collapse.
Strangely while I was writing this blog who should appear on Skype but Jimmy Joe who I used to fix up old houses with. He was a pretty good carpenter and used to get angry with me when I wanted to plow ahead with my cutting and hammering. He used to yell at me “Neatness Counts!!” We had a good time, working in the mornings and lying out on the beach in the afternoons. Jimmy is an architect and a good one who bought a house on the east end of Long Island years ago. Things have gotten outrageously expensive out there. So much so that a girlfriend of Jimmy’s referred to his house as a “tear down.”

So there you have it. I’m still hammering away from time to time and am a charter member of the purple thumb gang.

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