I think this is about as off topic as I have gotten so soon I’ll get back on the right track and tell you about the problems, never ending, I have with my bees.

I just finished reading an article by Robert Caro in the current issue of the New Yorker Magazine. It is powerful and for anyone who was alive at the time and at an age to remember it is emotionally draining but a chapter in our history that in many ways changed the direction of the country.

My brother in law that morning was at the Millbrook Diner when somehow they found him and he rushed back to New York where he was the Executive Producer of the Walter Cronkite news program. I was working on a construction job in New York City. It was a Friday and I was at lunch with my boss at Frank’s, a restaurant in Harlem. When I walked back to the job, people were crying on the street or looking down with solemn faces. I remember talking to a friend and college mate who later wrote for the New York Times. He said we lost our innocence that day and things would never be the same. I guess that was true and maybe September 11,2001 was another of those days that changed the direction of the world.

I guess thinking back on that time, if you are sixty or older you will always remember where you were and what you were doing that day. Like September 11th it brought our country together although sadly just for a short time and now we see nothing but venom and anger where once for a while we had common interests. In spite of that I take hope from Jacques Barzun who is 104 who describes himself as a cheerful negativist. When I asked him about the future of the country he said he believed that we would see the light when a leader was able to convince the majority of the right direction to go. I think his quote was pretty close to “We are a bunch of ninnies and boobs follow me and I’ll show you the right way to go.”

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