I get regular emails from an auction company that sells properties that have defaulted on their taxes. Most of the properties are upstate, many in what were once vibrant and beautiful cities but have now come on hard times. In particular I got a listing yesterday for properties in Montgomery County in the area around Amsterdam and Canajoharie NY. In the latter town when the Beechnut Gum factory closed, the town started a slow death spiral. But many of these towns have beautiful old buildings. I’ll post a few here:

When you look a these pictures you can’t but think of the people who for the last 150 years lived out their lives and their hopes and dreams in these beautiful towns. Some of the towns are experiencing a rebirth, slow and tenuous. Sharon Springs is one of them. It was a resort town in the 1890s where New Yorkers went for fresh air and the curative affect of the sulfer springs.

Let not Ambition mock their useful toil,
Their homely joys, and destiny obscure;
Nor Grandeur hear with a disdainful smile
The short and simple annals of the Poor. Thomas Gray

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