Levon Helms died a week ago. He was down in NYC at Memorial Hospital but had lived for many years in Woodstock which is just across the Hudson from the farm.
The obituary below is long but has some great stuff in it. Music lovers will know that he was one of the founders of The Band and played with Bob Dylan.
When he got throat cancer and ran low on money he said he had to decide between saving his house and paying his medical bills. You know what he chose. So much for our present health care system.

His daughter, Amy, who took care of him during his illness and drove back and forth to New York City for his radiation treatments, became his bandmate. When money became tight due to Helm’s treatments, the pair revived a tradition in his studio/barn called the “Midnight Ramble,” which harked back to the old minstrel shows and provided an unforgettable musical experience for all who participated.

Helm always loved to play, and he did so until the end.


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