The Carey institute in Millbrook used to be called the Carey Arboretum. It is a wonderful, serious organization dedicated to the study of ecosystems and more broadly the environment.

Last night they had a lecture which was so well attended they had to set up a monitor in the hall because so many people wanted to hear the famous entomologist May Berenbaum lecture on the Colony Collapse Disorder affecting the honey bees here in the United States.

The lecture was an hour long with questions afterwards. There were quite a few beekeepers in the audience. CCD is killing about 1/3 of all honey bees in the country annually and after exploring every theory from cell phones to an Israeli virus to pesticides, May and serious entomologists have concluded that none of these reasons are proven by scientific facts. She debunked them all but had to admit that as of now there are no proven reasons to explain the mystery. She did convince the audience of the seriousness of the problem and the important and continuing studies that are on going.

The bees simply leave the hive for no apparent reason and disappear leaving the queen and unhatched eggs to die off

Basically everything from Oranges in Florida to Almonds in California to blueberries in Maine are totally dependent on bee pollination to produce fruit. The die off of bees will have short term affect on prices and long term affect of survivability of these crops.

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