It seems that the first of May begins the season of tag sales everywhere in Dutchess County. For those of you who are not from here a tag sale is the same as a yard sale. The grand daddy of them all is the Stormville Flea Market which is at the site of the old airport and just down the road from the Green Haven Correctional Facility. Last Sunday they had a one day sale to start off the season with 600 exhibitors! Everything from plants to food to socks to old clothes to antiques, it’s all there. Here are a few pictures. I put the fired dough up to give you an idea of the healthy eats and the potential caloric overload.
The local tag sales always have several items that are always for sale, kid’s bikes, vacuum cleaners, old VHS tapes, and the one I love the most, exercise equipment. Everyone buys exercise equipment with the best intentions. It moves from the basement to the garage to the tag sale until someone else buys it and does the same thing.
Now here is an interesting historical fact, the word ‘tag” comes from the word pricetag which was the invention of A.P Stewart whose store in New York City in the 1880s started marking the price of merchandise on tags attached. That way you didn’t need a salesman for every customer, the department store was born and the rest is history. As Casey Stengel said “You could look it up”

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