As my readers know I love dogs. Having said that on the way back on the plane there was a woman sitting in front of me who had a dog with her. The dog was not your small well behaved dachshund ( hello Karl) in a nice carrier. the dog was loose and wanted to stay that way. It was a dog that looked like a white fox but had a curly tail, I think maybe Japanese because I had seen the breed before somewhere. The woman must had gotten special permission and I think I read or heard somewhere that you can get permission to bring a dog on a plane if you have psychological problems traveling. Well the dog wasn’t well behaved  but much better behaved than the owner who was constantly adjusting her many articles of clothing and bags and was constantly getting up and walking around.

The guy who was sitting next to her should be canonized for having to put up with everything. I did notice that he was drinking and didn’t stop much during the flight.

I won’t give you details other than the woman from time to time would pull the dog up to her lips and you can imagine. I suppose you can imagine also another problem the dog had….they went to the bathroom together several times! The picture quality is poor because the plane was shaky and I didn’t want to get the attention of the owner and you know the old one about sleeping dogs.

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