This past weekend was the annual Rhinebeck Car Show. It is the same weekend as the Kentucky Derby which is high on my bucket list so next year I hopefully wont be here….in Dutchess County that is. I drove the old Ford up and back, about an hour each way and it ran fine although it overheated a little on the hill coming up to the house, a usual occurance.

I got out early and it was freezing, probably high 30s in the open car (third one in – picture above) but by the time I went home at noon it was high 70s. I bought a few things at the flea market, a pair of unused running boards which were very cheap. Now I have another pair of running boards I dont need….yet!.

A neighbor who has a Corvette and a Model A Ford was up there selling parts but I didn’t run into him. So here are a few pictures. One of the VW van must have come over from Woodstock for the day (DK see the Grateful Dead sign). There was a Model A Ford bus from New Jersey but it had modern running gear. In Spite of that it looked great.

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