‘New York’s Spare Seat Kayak Expedition’ stops in Dutchess County.  I Love New York invited world-renowned British kayakers, Richard Harpham and Glenn Charles, to kayak 500 miles from Buffalo’s Erie Canal Harbor to the Statue of Liberty. Journalists from the BBC and the Scottish Sun Newspaper are with them. They’ve paddled the Erie Canal, and now are paddling south on the Hudson River. The month-long expedition highlights the heritage, culture, wildlife, landmarks, and activities along the route. Harpham and Charles paddle the route in double seated kayaks, inviting people to join them along the way. The project is being photographed and filmed for a documentary. Below is from the website:

“An epic journey of over 500 miles across New York State, from the Niagara Falls to the Statue of Liberty, New York, which is starting 1st May 2012. Finally after months of planning let the adventure begin…

The Spare Seat Kayak Expedition is a unique adventure to capture the heritage, wildlife and iconic locations along the route across New York State. The trip will begin in Buffalo, which once served as the western terminus of the Erie Canal. Buffalo, located just south of Niagara Falls, is a city of world-class art, architecture, culture and history. Today, Buffalo’s historic Erie Canal Harbor is developing into a tourist destination. From there it will travel along the Erie Canal to Albany where the team will paddle down the Hudson River to Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty.

Richard Harpham and Glenn Charles are two experienced adventurers who have covered over 19,500 human powered miles between them by kayak, canoe and bike and have a passion for inspiring young people and communities through their challenges. They will be sharing their experiences by giving talks about their adventures and documenting life and interviewing people they meet on their travels.”


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