Very sad news from Clove Valley, Bea a wonderful young 7 year old Springer Spaniel died suddenly and without ever having been sick. We were away for the holiday and got a call last night from Tom who takes care of the dogs when we are away. She was in her kennel and had died there, just peacefully for no apparent reason. When an old dog dies or is even put down, you expect it but this sweet girl was healthy and had pups just four months ago, one of which thankfully we kept, Dot.

I thought when Dot was born, if she lived for say 15 years, she would be my last dog and she is a very sweet pup, but her mother was a dog without guile, never growled, hardly barked and never showed anything but love. To be truthful she didn’t like any dogs other than Rex her brother. I think she was just painfully shy but she was a great hunter and runner and swimmer and she will be missed. She was a good dog.

I have to look up a letter my nephew found which was written by FDR to John Mack in 1912 when FDR was running for his first state office. They came out to Clove Valley campaigning and because there were so few cars in those days, they accidentally killed a dog who was chasing them. That was 100 years ago and another dog, but Roosevelt stopped and paid the farmer.

Bea is now buried in Clove Valley near Raleigh and Samantha an earlier generation of great dogs. Tina, Tom’s partner put a tennis ball in the grave because Bea always had a tennis ball in her mouth and loved to chase them.

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