We went over to a party in Warwick at Tom’s house, well it might better be called a museum. Tom is a professional framer, working with some of the great art collectors, museums and dealers. But his real personal passion is collecting, memorabilia about trains and subway stations and in particular cabooses. All of which have been placed on his property over in Warwick on the other side of the Hudson. He has an extraordinary attention to detail so that the caboose has everything from old railroad uniforms to lamps and anything that would have been found there 50 years ago.
There is a proper term for someone who collects railroad memorabilia.

“A railfan or rail buff (American English), railway enthusiast or railway buff (Australian/British English), or (often with a more specialized meaning, described below) trainspotter or gricer (British English), is a person interested in a recreational capacity in rail transport. Railfans of many ages can be found worldwide.”

Well as you will see from these pictures there can’t be many railfans or gricers for that matter, that have a greater interest or collection than Tom. How many have a real San Francisco cable car in their backyards! In addition he has recreated a subway station, complete with original signs. It is actually a garage that also houses his three old cars, one of which is a ’53 Chevy four door sedan.

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