The mother of all flea markets is coming up this weekend at the old Stormville airport, down the road from Green Haven Prison. I posted some pictures a while ago but that was in the Spring and this one has 600 sellers coming from all over the East to sell everything from antiques to socks.

But by way of warming up there was a big tag sale at the Freedom Plains Presbyterian Church over on Route 55 and Doc Stingham Road. By chance we drove by and checked it out. There is a sign out front that says the Church is also the home of Congregation Shir Chadash which means a New Song and I checked out their Facebook page to find out that Peter Yarrow of Peter Paul and Mary is a member. So the tag sale I guess was ecumenical (look up the word it has great Greek derivation) and there was some great stuff there.

Well the family crest if we had one would say “If it’s for Sale- We will Buy!” Maybe with crossed knives and forks. So there were two major purchases. both required two trips back and forth in the Dodge pickup because usually heavy and difficult to move means Bargainsville. A set of twin bed frames made out of hard rock maple was purchased for $25 each and a great five foot bamboo and glass table (tricky because of the glass) was purchased and transported into barn storage at the farm.

The obvious question is “why did I buy them?” And the answer is Louis Armstrong’s line when he was asked what Jazz is. “Man if ya gotta ask that question you ain’t never gonna know the answer!”

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