There was a great obituary in the New York Times today about the passing of Jimmy Bivins a great light heavyweight and heavyweight who beat some of the best boxers but never got a chance at the championship. He died in Cleveland Ohio at 92.

But what really caught my eye was the picture of him fighting Melio Bettina in 1945. I had to go to the internet to see the result of the fight (it was a dull draw) but what caught my eye was the name Melio Bettina. He was local from Beacon New York who was before my time but as any oldtimer will tell you over there, (Beacon is only about 15 miles from the farm,) Melio Bettina was the bioggest thing ever to come out of Beacon.They used to say that Melio put the bacon back in Beacon. I hope I’m not the only one to recall the journeyman fighter who fought some of the best of them including Joe Louis.

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