We’ve always had a vegetable garden and tomatoes are the featured plants. This year they are going strong, Beefsteaks and Big Boys. They are flowering early and will have nice tomatoes by the beginning of August.

This week while I am working every day outside I weed and water and began to think about time passing by. I planted a pear tree, a small one but it seems to be holding on in this hot weather. Deer eating only the lower leaves. All of which has to do with the passage of time and things growing and wondering whether I will see the fruits of my labor ten years from now. The subject is not depressing and in fact it is refreshing. This all has to do with the scene in the Godfather where Brando is tending his tomato plants and, you remember I’m sure what happens. What better way to go than weeding your tomato plants.

The below is about 6 minutes before you get to the garden scene but worth the wait.

Godfather garden scene

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