Elvis, the rooster has returned to the chicken coup after wintering down in Clove Valley. I had posted a picture of him last year. He is a Polish Top Hat and has been very aggressive over the last several years. My neighbor Chris who has a large flock of all kinds of different varieties of poultry brought him back and put him in with the young hens and the two young black roosters. He is getting adjusted and I will have to observe him closely but it seems he has clearly mellowed since last year. It is also not clear yet whether he still thinks he is the king. The young roosters aren’t aggressive so far at least not to people and we shall have to see.
EXTRA EXTRA- Last night Elvis would not let the two roosters back in the hen house. I was wrong. He is meaner than ever. The two young roosters stayed outside all night and when I let the chickens out this morning Elvis went right at the two young roosters. The rushed to a corner of the yard and Elvis put them in their place.We’ll have to deal with this bad attitude.

As expected the young hens are laying nicely although at this point the eggs are still small and we are not yet getting one a day.

Here are a few pictures of the roosters and the King. Kids on the right are neighbors and enthusiastic regular egg collectors!

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