The big drought, 14 days without rain and temperatures in the 90s killed off a lot of the grass both at the house and in the fields. The only good thing about it is that for the first time in quite a few years, the wild oregano and bee balm has really come on strong. It must survive dry weather better than the regular field grass.

I always thought it was wild thyme but I took a cutting a few years ago and looked it up in a plant book. The bees really get into the oregano and it provides a very dark and strong honey. It has an unusual, unique and very good taste. I have a friend who says it resembles honey that is found in Greece. And in fact when I looked it up it said it was related to Greek Marjoram. It is a lot thicker than the clover honey and harder to extract but worth the effort. I’ll get into the bee yard tomorrow and see how they are doing but so far this year looks promising. For those of my readers that don’t know the difference between bee balm and oregano, the bee balm is on the left.

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