From time to time I post some news from Millbrook, usually about how many vacant stores there are or how the town has lost some of it’s activity in recent years. But one of my readers sent me a post from Millbrook Matters a blog about Millbrook and they suggested renovating the Thorne Building into a twin cinema. The Thorne Memorial School Building is a long unused school and architecturally beautiful although I don’t think it would make a good theater.
I propose instead putting a movie house where it once was, the Miller’s Agway store. If you notice the picture below closely, you will see that the front part of the store is for rent, although Agway still occupies the back.
When I was a kid there was a movie house there and although they had wooden seats and a projectionist that had to be roused to change reels, it was quite popular. The most popular theater however, was the Dover Movie theater, now home to a Chinese restaurant and some other stores.

Well what we need is a movie theater in Millbrook and if not maybe a Boy’s Band just like in River City!

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