I haven’t been blogging much as I have been on vacation and spending a week on Fire Island. Loyal readers may recall that last year while I was on Fire Island, I fell off a ladder from the roof and broke a finger and needed stitches to close a bad gash in my shin. The finger is still stiff and at this point I am resigned to the fact that it will be permanent, that is unless someone can perform a passing of hands over the injured area. i have a friend who has a bad back and in desperation he turned to someone who practiced the Raikle System (I may have the name wrong). Hands are passed over the back and positive forces and energy cure relieve pain and cure injury. To which my friend Cliff a doctor says “bushwah.”

Well here is a picture of the sunset last week looking over the great South Bay. They don’t get much better and for those of my readers who are living in the red states, I believe that all of us must return to the ocean from time to time if for no other reason than to remind us of the time we first crawled up on dry land from the primordial ooze.

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