My post about the Johnson Atom Smashers got two comments worth reporting.
1- Rick a loyal reader wrote:”The Johnson Atom Smashers High School in Thunderbolt GA. Well this name needs some explanation of its source. How could you leave us hanging on the edge of some physicist’s home town accellerator?”

Then as I didn’t get any report on the reunion or the derivation of the name I received a comment from Jenny, a well known and successful writer. Her comment:”The phrase ‘atom smashers’ takes me back–my brother had one, and I was terrified he’d blow us all up with it. I’ve seen none of these posts before, so don’t worry. (I’m not sure what the last sentence means. It may be a code of some sort.)

The other comment I found worthy of response was from a neighbor who insisted that The Weber Grill was by no means the best around. He sent the following information:

Modern Home Products was founded in the 1950’s by Walter Koziol. In the beginning the company created decorative outdoor gas lighting for residential applications (under the trade name of “Charmglow”). As the gas lighting business expanded, Walter explored ways in which to utilize gas in other outdoor products. The first outdoor gas grill was introduced to the consumer in 1960. In his pursuit Walter spent the next three years re-engineering the “round steel grill” and in 1963 introduced the first rectangular painted steel gas grill with a hinged lid, a better and more efficient grill concept. Constant improvements has led us to creating SearMagic© cooking grids and warming racks, a patented “H” style stainless steel burner, no-rust exterior construction, exclusive GASLOW fuel indicator and leak detector, just to name a few. And that’s why all MHP products are specially designed to perform at maximum levels in quality, performance, functional convenience, versatility and home appeal.
Well I for one don’t buy into Walter and his grill. He talks of steel and aluminum in his information but give me the Bristol’s old cast iron Weber any time! You send one of MHP’s best grill out to the beach and in one season we are talking about a rusted hulk, guaranteed.

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