A few weeks ago it was late and I was too lazy to go to the store, so I went to the cupboard to cob together a fine meal. I believe it included all three food groups, was delicious and confirmed the common doctor’s theory that vitamins are a waste of money unless you are on a ship without limes in which case you may get scurvy. The protein was provided by one hot dog and one chicken sausage. I admit I don’t see anything green although I swiped a tomato from my neighbor’s garden and ate it for desert with some basil (which of course is green.)

My neighbor is on this blog list so I readily admit the theft although 1- she had plenty of tomatoes and 2- I always give her eggs. As an aside she grew eggplants this year, and a lot more than any large family could consume, that she regularly delivered to the door. They were gigantic. Eggplants as you may know are very labor intensive but worth the effort.

One thought on “The Correct Food Groups

  1. Dear Pete – two comments on your Millbrook Times blog I just received:

    1- GREAT SAUSAGE – Butterball Everyday Turkey POLSKA KIELBASA! 60% LESS FAT, lactate and gluten-free and 100 Cal for 2 oz -that’s 200 Cal for 4 oz and negligible fat!

    2- EGGPLANTS aren’t labour intensive! The trick is to cut the unpeeled eggplant into slices, stick ’em in a plastic colander, sprinkle w/ lots of salt and let ’em sweat for 20 minutes. Then rinse the slices, dry them and proceed with recipe. I make eggplant parm, imam biyeldi, ratatouille, eggplant caviar, caponata and scads of other great dishes w/ eggplant. Don’t belittle the eggplant. It is big, purple and delicious!


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