Well the orange Volkswagen I drove to California last year has been sold to a concert pianist, Walter W down in Ossining. He picked it up today and drove it to its new home. I shall definitely miss it as it was a great fun project and ran like a Swiss watch. I sold it on Ebay and there were 26 bids for it. This was a car that was given to me in poor shape by the owner of a ranch in Wyoming because she was born in Clove Valley and liked the idea that I would fix it up and it would go back East.

So while I will miss it there is some good news also. Bill, a friend over in Millbrook that has a tow truck told me about an 1972 Beetle that came from Arizona, had been stored for years up in Clinton Corners. It has no engine (a minor detail) but the body is real sound and waiting for a winter project. I bought it for a cup of coffee and it is now in the garage patiently waiting to once again take to the road. It is Columbia light blue. Stay tuned for progress reports. I am still looking for and thinking about a VW bus and #1 son is on the lookout also, but for now the blue bug will keep me busy.

The picture on the left is Walter happy as a lark and the right picture is the winter project,

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