The day does not go by without catalogs arriving at the mailbox. Most I have no interest in and immediately throw out. I used to read Cabela’s catalog and Orvis and Petco and a hundred others. I now limit my reading to Miller’s tree catalog, Uline shipping supply specialists (where you can buy hand sanitizers, bailing wire, cardboard shipping boxes) and a few others that catch my eye. Most of them sell equipment like Harbor Freight or Northern Industrial. When I really think about it there is nothing I can’t live without. But they just keep on coming. I wonder whether there is a way to stop the catalogs, like stopping the solicitations on the phone.

I went to Costco last week to buy some “stuff.” When I got to the end of the line I saw that the bill was over $300. I looked at my basket and said what have I bought that I really need. I told the checkout lady, “I don’t want any of this, what should I do?” She nodded and said “just leave it over there.” She pointed to a group of pushcarts filled with things that people had decided not to buy.

Here is a picture from the Uline catalog. As best I can remember I have never bought anything from them but they keep trying.

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