As my readers may have seen, I recently sold the orange VW Beetle and have been looking for an old VW bus. Befrore 1967 they are known as “splitties” because that was the last year of the split windshield. These buses have become very expensive and hard to find. I posted a picture of a green one I had my eye on but have decided not to buy it. Well, Dave over in Bristol Connecticut got around to sending me a few pictures of an old bus he is willing to sell. He readily admits the picture looks better than the bus in person so I will go over soon to check it out. Here is one of the pictures he sent.
I hope my Model A friends will not consider this diversion an act of disloyalty but a VW bus has been on the bucket list for a while.

One thought on “Eureka, I May Have Found It

  1. I suppose there is some deep psycho-meaning for this love affair (date i say obsession?) with near-ancient things German. Escapes me when there are similarly vintages Americana.
    You may recall that when my boys, now in their 40’s were of single numbered ages we travelled the northern rout out west in a converted VW bus (could sleep 4). You will then recall the three days we spent in fabulous Wyndom Minnesota when a piston managed to find its way through the engine block on July the 4th.
    My advice: take short trips only


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