I’ve noticed lately that the classic football huddle seems to be a thing of the past. there was an article in the paper recently about the New York Giants devising a “huddle” where all players were strategically located and not in a circle. Well that got me to thinking. When I was growing up the huddle was a tight, neat oval, very orderly and beautiful to look at

The history of the huddle is interesting- “The modern-day circular huddle, in which the players all face inward in a tight circle, was invented by Gallaudet University quarterback Paul D. Hubbard in 1892. Gallaudet was among the first schools intended for the education of deaf and hard-of-hearing students, and the first intended for their postsecondary education. When quarterbacking, Hubbard realized that his hand signals could be read by opposing players, a particular concern when Gallaudet played other schools for the deaf. To remedy this, he had his players form a circle so that his sign-language signals could be sent and received without anyone on the sidelines or on the opposing team seeing.”

Former University of Illinois Coach Bob Zuppke is also credited with the invention of this formation.” I have to check to see if that was the coach when “Red” Grange was the Galloping Ghost of Illinois.

Well here has what has happened to the huddle, scattered, disorganized, spiritless a shadow of its old self.-

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