The latest issue of Bee Culture, a monthly magazine I get has an article featuring urban beekeeping. The article is about Washington DC but a few years ago New York City lifted restrictions on bee colonies in the city and they have grown like topsy. In the late Spring there are usually articles about swarms on traffic lights and how they are carefully removed. A few years ago a beekeeper in Brooklyn found all his honey was pink. It turned out that the bees had gotten into a factory that stored high fructose corn syrup and they brought it back to the hive. I’m not even sure how safe the honey is considering all the sprays on trees in parks, pollution etc.

Now my bees forage in the fields of Clove Valley where there are no pesticides, not many people and their only enemies are an occasional bear that hopefully the electric fence will control. People live in cities, not bees. Having said all that I really don’t feel that strongly about urban bees, they probably get to be smarter and are more wily than my dull country bees.

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