My chickens are laying like crazy, an egg a day and that makes a dozen a day, 7 dozen a week and 364 dozen a year or a total of 4268 eggs a year. That means that you have to keep a lot of egg cartons on hand . I’m still using an old supply but it is dwindling quickly so I got on the internet to see what was available. There is a website called egg and they are very expensive. To give you an idea, even if you were to buy 100 which wont last long at this rate, they are $64.95 or ,64 cents a carton, totally crazy when you can buy a dozen eggs for under $2.00.

So I went on the internet and found a guy on Craig’s list in Bushwick Brooklyn who is selling egg cartons for $.20 a piece, reasonable although I had to go to Brooklyn to pick them up.
Along the same lines, bottled water costs more than milk, a shame and I even think it is more expensive than gasoline. I guess it is all in marketing. My bee bottles, glass one pounders now cost me about 40 cents which is cheap compared to a lot of other types of bottles.

Well I went out to Brooklyn and bought 290 egg cartons. It was a bizarre experience. There was this seemingly, relatively normal guy who had 50 chickens in his front yard being guarded by a giant vicious mastiff. This is in an otherwise normal neighborhood of small apartment houses and some private homes. He wouldn’t let me in but I saw through the fence some of the chickens wandering around and the dog was content to guard them. When I asked whether I could take a picture he wouldn’t let me in but gave this real loud strange bird sound and the chickens came running. As Orson Welles said in Lady From Shanghai “Three days out and I found myself in a crazy house.”

I guess it takes all kinds but I am now supplied for a long time and don’t have reason to return to Bushwick for a while.

And the product filled with the first dozen eggs

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