Well I finally got around to taking the honey off this week. I usually do it in September but I have been lazy about it because I knew I wouldn’t have a big crop. I got about 45 pounds which is OK but way down from when I was doing it big time.

But it should keep us until next fall if it is conserved and not given away with the usual abandon. However it makes a great gift and this year it came out about medium color. the last frames I extracted were very light in color but the rest were darker . Typically light honey comes from clover but there was a lot of wild oregano and other wildflowers in the fields this year. The picture on the left is the frames being cleaned by the bees after I have extracted the honey. In a few hours it is completely clean and ready to be stored for the winter.The picture on the right is inside the honey house draining the last of the honey from the wax.

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