Frankenstorm is coming in, starting tomorrow night so Jason, my partner in the cows is coming over tomorrow morning to round them up and take them to a safer area. The main problem is likely to be lack of electricity which would prevent water being pumped down to the fields to fill the troughs.So they will likely be gone until next Spring.

I’ve never bought a generator but most of the neighbors now have them. The worst storm I remember was another October storm earlier in the month and maybe 20 years ago. The leaves were still on the trees and the snow started falling and kept on right through the night. It sounded like rifle shots when the big trees snapped. By morning many trees were cracked and broken and electricity was out for 8 days. When you walk through the woods today you can still see the effects of that storm. So we are hoping for the best and preparing for the worst. But of course without a generator all you can do is be sure nothing is loose and the chickens are put away in their coop for the next three days.

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