There will be future posts on the biggest storm to hit the East Coast in recorded history but for now the cabin fever has led to a massive clean up/throw out of things that have been squirreled away for longer than anyone can remember.

Number two son has been cleaning his closet which has been a repository for generations of junk. He unearthed a bottle of red wine that was made for when the Jets win the Super Bowl. I told him to put it in a controlled temperature environment as it might be not be needed for the next 20 years.

But the most incredible find was my father’s knap sack from the Second world War. When I saw it I said maybe it still has a pack of Chesterfield’s in the pocket!. See pictures below.

One thought on “The Storm

  1. Chesterfield was my mother’s brand as far back as I can remember; later she changed to Pall Mall. I think she viewed them as more ‘sophisticated’. Of course she also died at 61 1/2 from a cardiac event.


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