Everyone else is writing about Twinkies, why shouldn’t I? Let’s start with hydrogenated oils, artificial flavors, high fructose corn syrup filled with some sort of white cream that had a shelf life of several years and of course a few chemicals and presto you have Twinkies. So there is good reason to see them disappear except….. they also make Wonder bread which as anyone knows if left out for a day makes great bread pudding and french toast. In the interest of full disclosure they also make Snow Balls, a personal weakness. I don’t eat them often but I would say once every few months when I fill up the tank at Cumberland Farms and go to pay, I browse the cakes and goodies and will from time to time say,”Oh and I’ll take a Snow Balls. there are two in each package and the secret ingredient other than the coconut flakes on top is the marshmellow above the chocolate and below the topping. Ummmm. I’m pretty sure Homer Simpson would do everything in his power to save the company.

And here I might have to take sides. The unions representing bakers and teamsters have 18,000 employees who will lose their jobs and the villain if there is one other than the economy is the private equity company that bought hostess and loaded it up with additional debt (it had a lot to begin with) and twice put it in bankruptcy. No it wasn’t Bain and they took a licking also when the company went into its death spiral but there should be a way of saving those jobs even if their product is perhaps not the best for kids and the weight challenged.

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