At the suggestion of a good friend David over in Lithgow I went to visit Don Philhower who is a professional huntsman and responsible for the American Fox hounds at the Millbrook Hunt. Donald feeds, trains, breeds and cares for 90 fox hounds and goes through about 150 pounds of food a day.

He started out in Far Hills New Jersey and worked with hounds from the time he was 9. The hounds on a typical Saturday will cover up to 20 miles and will run for several hours. They are beautiful as you can see from the pictures below. Don is a man who loves what he does and spent a little time with me after I arrived unannounced. He knew something was up when his hounds let him know in no uncertain terms that there was a visitor on the property.

Don told me on a typical hunt the hounds will find a fox most of the time and will continue the chase until the fox has retreated to his den or otherwise found a hiding place. He said he didn’t like to see the foxes killed and didn’t encourage it.

Some of my readers in Milllbrook may want to comment as sadly I don’t know too much about fox hunting but I know what good dogs look like.

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