Kevin has an antique and miscellaneous items of every imaginable kind, barn over on Route 44 in Millbrook. He’s been there as long as I can remember and there is very little you can’t find there including the kitchen sink. He goes to Stormville and the Elephant’s Trunk arriving before dawn and buy things he knows he will eventually sell. Eventually may be the operative word.

I went over there today because I have a sink that leaks and I am told by Louis the plumber that the parts to stop the leak are no longer available. Kevin had about 6 sinks that would do fine as a replacement, most old and antique looking.

Kevin understands the word barter better than anyone i know. If you have something you don’t want but think someone else might, he will look it over carefully and say “$5.00. Look around and see if there is anything you like.”

What looks like clutter below is the world’s best place to root around for almost anything you could use or need or maybe don’t need.

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