Bloomer Road is on the other side of Clove Mountain. My sister almost bought a house there for about $25,000 back in the day. Well I’ve been hearing reports about a home there that has a display of Christmas lights that has gone viral. And let me tell you, it’s the biggest thing to hit this town since Hector was a pup.

I can’t describe it well other than to say that when we went by there tonight there was a constable directing traffic and there is a sign telling you what frequency to listen to on your radio. I found on the internet that this year there are 346,283 lights!

When I Googled “Christmas lights, Lagrangeville”, this is what I found. A warning, turn your volume down and get ready for an psychedelic Christmas surprise. I promise my readers I will go over to interview the family that owns the house. Their name is Gay. i’d like to find out how they came to build this extraordinary monument to lights and sound and Christmas.

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