We have these two metal deer with lights on them that are put out on the porch every year about this time. When i went to test them I found that two series of lights didnt light up. One series in particular was the deer’s head so as you can see it looks like a headless animal. I found that two of the lights were broken so I slpiced them and soldered them and VOILA, the lights still didn’t work. So what it appears to mean that some other lights are burned out.

Of course I cant remember where I bought them about 10 years ago and also wouldn’t begin to know where to find them. Any local suggestions would be appreciated.

The only thing I can think about is our neighbor who has 386,000 Christmas lights over on Bloomer Road. If they are wired in parallel it isn’t a problem but in series, one light is out and pflooey.

Down in Sleepy Hollow, not far from here they have the headless horseman so maybe I’ll just go with the headless deer.

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