I used to go down to Gordon Andrews farm a couple of times a week with the metal one gallon jug. It was light and all downhill about a half a mile. He would fill it up and charge $.60 which my father was always grousing was way too much. I lugged it back up to the house a lot slower and uphill.
It went in the fridge when I got back and in the morning my mother would skim off the cream and save it for butter or whipped cream or whatever. No one at that time thought there was a danger, at least no one spoke of it. But I read recently where the FDA says it is dangerous. In New York State there are some places that have a license to sell it straight from the cow. One in on the Shunpike in Millbrook. They used to milk a lot of cows and had a pretty big operation but after her husband died she sold off the cows but started up again milking six cows and selling the raw milk. The farm is really beautiful, just like the farms that dotted the Hudson Valley a generation ago.
There are a lot of different opinions about the taste and benefits of raw milk as well as the dangers. I’m going over this weekend to visit her and find out more. They have a great website http://shunpikedairy.com/

One thought on “Raw Milk

  1. Scrofula, also known as “The King’s Evil” (you can look it up) can be contracted through consuming unpasteurized milk.

    Part of your continuing education. Happy to help, E.P


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