A while ago I posted an blog about hats and how many you seem to collect. Well I got an email from a reader, I don’t know how he found me but he saw a Hudson Valley Renegades hat in one of the pictures and he inquired whether I would be willing to sell it. It seems the Renegades, the local rookie league professional team in Fishkill has changed their hat design and I have a very valuable original, well reasonably valuable.

One of my favorite movies is Bull Durham and how Tim Robbins made it to the big show (the majors) from a farm team – so I think I’ll keep that hat unless my reader makes an offer I can’t refuse.

One thought on “The Hat

  1. A reader corrected me. The big leagues were called the “show” by Kevin Kostner, not the “big show” as I incorrectly referred to it.


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