1- I can’t watch the programs about the year in review. Get over it! Nothing’s going to be changed.So let me move on to New Year’s resolutions.
2- I only have one, one big one. In the last few years when I look around I get the feeling that our home has been designed by the Collyer brothers. Now to my young readers, yes there are a few, the Collyer brothers lived in a private house in Harlem and they were the world’s greatest horders. Here is their description from Wikipedia:
” For decades, neighborhood rumors swirled around the rarely seen men and their home at 2078 Fifth Avenue (at the corner of 128th Street), in Manhattan, where they obsessively collected books, furniture, musical instruments, and many other items, with booby traps set up in corridors and doorways to ensnare intruders.
Both were eventually found dead in 1947 in the Harlem brownstone where they had lived, surrounded by over 140 tons of collected items that they had amassed over several decades.

I admit they were extreme and I’m not saying we’ve have gotten close….YET…. My stepmother used to say “never let your possessions possess you.” And I go along with that. So while I have been home Since Christmas with the flu. We have been going through books mostly and making great stacks to give to the Beekman Library.

2- Oh and here is another New Year’s resolution. Get a flu shot next year.

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