When I had the flu I went over to see Dr. Bruce who I had met years ago at Sharon Hospital. He is a good doctor and has a wicked sense of humor. Anyway we ate at the Collins diner which is one of the oldest and most historic diners in the United States. It looks the part of a classic diner. It has  had the same owners for 60 years.

Anyway we ate there and afterwards went to see the doc. When I was waxing eloquent about the old time diner, he casually said “The food stinks. There are much better places to eat here in Canaan.” Then of course I thought about what we had eaten and it was nothing special, just the atmosphere and the history and the name.

It reminds me of the old saw “Never eat at a place called Mom’s and never play poker with someone named Doc.” For me the diner in Millbrook is fine.

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