As Bette Davis said “getting old is not for sissies.” About four years ago I noticed that my hearing which used to be very sharp began to decline. I used to hear the cars turning on our road a half mile away. So I decided to get hearing aids. Now if it weren’t for George a great friend I wouldn’t even be posting this story but I had dinner with him last night and he convinced me to share this story with my readers.

Last Saturday I was lying on the couch in the living room and reading a book. I thought I had put the hearing aids on the table next to the couch.  I got up to go to the kitchen and did a few things outside and when I returned my hearing aids were gone. I checked everywhere as I thought I might have put them elsewhere. Now some of my readers may recall that Dot is just over a year old and is a wonderful sweet mischievous Springer Spaniel. In my absence, although her hearing is perfect she decided to eat my hearing aids, well not eat them completely. she didn’t like the taste of the batteries and really just chewed on them and spit most of them out. I kept finding parts all over the living room.

Before I get too deep in this I will tell you that hearing aids are the greatest rip off since selling the Brooklyn Bridge. They should be reasonably priced but like the oil cartel, prices are fixed but thanks to the internet and Costco, prices have finally become more realistic. If I were young and ambitious and wanted to get into a business I would go to China and have hearing aids made for $100 that now sell here for $3000. But alas I am neither young nor ambitious.

In the meantime I seem to be doing ok without them although I do put on closed caption particularly when I am watching those English stories on Masterpiece theater but of course I put them on even when I could hear well.

So here is what remains of my hearing aids put in a nice fruit dish.

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