There are two animals that occasionally are reported in Dutchess county. One is the Eastern Timber Wolf and the other is the Catamount or mountain lion both of which are believed to have been extinct for the last 100 years in the Eastern United States. i found a video that has questionable proof that the mountain lions have been confirmed in Vermont and some local people have reported seeing single wolves which were clearly too big to be coyotes.

The below was a sighting in Stormville NY which is only about 5 miles from the farm. The black color doesn’t seem to fit with the pictures on the internet but the story is a pretty good one.

“Two weeks ago on my way to work i saw a large black animal in a field about 2 miles from my house. This morning I saw it again, same time, same place. this time i stopped to watch. It was indeed a large black feline. I was able to see it clearly. I was about 70 yards away and I took a video of it with my blackberry. The video is really bad but you can see something..

The field it was in has grass about 18 to 24 inches high and this animal was showing above the grass. At one point I was able to easily see its long thick black tail…

I went back there after work to look for signs like paw prints.. The grass was way to thick and i was unable to find anything..

I will from now on have a much more advanced camera in my car and hope I see it again..

The location is Stormville, NY in Dutchess county”

With respect to wolves, there have been sporadic unconfirmed sighting in the Adirondacks but I can’t find any in our area.
If any of the readers have something to add to this post we would be interested to hear.

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