There was an article last week in the New York Times about the dangerous feral cat population. Blackstone is a barn cat who shows no sign of any predatory habits. In fact I have never seen him catch anything. I introduced two feral kittens to him about 6 months ago. One disappeared within about a month and the third Kitty Boo is still around but very skittish and disappears for long periods of time. She usually shows up at night if I put milk out on the porch. I don’t even know of she is female or male but if I don’t catch him/her soon I am sure I will find out.
I set the have-a heart trap last night but no luck so far. Here is a picture of Blackstone and in the background is Feralina who disappeared last fall. There was a sign up at the Stop and Shop about a cat that was found that matched Ferilina’s description but it is about three miles from the farm and I haven’t gotten around to seeing if she has resettled down the valley.
Now we had a cat for many years that came from Marshall’s farm. Her name was Girlinda Brown and she was probably the best hunter I ever saw. She would catch all sorts of small critters and leave what she chose not to eat on the porch. In fact she once downed a small screech owl but didn’t seem to like the taste of it.

Well here’s the article for those who fear the feral cat population-

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