I am finally getting around to looking at the Christmas cards we receive each year. Many of them are from people I don’t know well, some from business, some from relatives, some very clever, some long and some with pictures.

Now the pictures are something else. They often depict a happy family running down the beach at some swanky vacation place. But this year I noticed one that I will not print here that shows a happy family, three generations and in the background on the far right is a person who doesn’t look like part of the family at all. He is scruffy, overweight (sorry Governor Christie) and looks openly hostile although efforts have clearly been made to have him smile. It really has turned into a sort of gas pain expression. For years we sent out a card, late, about now, with only pictures of our dogs. We’ve stopped doing it mainly because of people like me who find fault easily with the cards they receive.

Do not take this as a personal criticism as I like looking through all the cards anyway. Keep them coming!

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