I received two comments both of them were wolf sightings, one of Separate Road in Millbrook and the other in Smithfield in the same area. The two comments were as follows:

From Mary over in Stanfordville-” I saw a wolf I am sure on Separate Road on the way to Amenia last fall – it was an animal, not a human.. Did you read the cat story in N Y Times the other day? there are 80 million feral cats out there (in the US or world I can’t remember) clearly our work is cut out for us – AND I just talked to my oldest friend whom I’ve known since we were 2 – and she was out in Coconut Grove,FL trying to catch cats!!
Is this what retirees are reduced to??

And the other comment from Carey who lives in the Smithfield Valley near Amenia: “Jane and I swear we saw a wolf this summer on route 5 near our house. Unmistakably a wolf. BTW, we’re in Bangkok.” I just had to add the last comment which Carey just threw in to the email.

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