I had lunch last week with one of my oldest friends Frankie who worked for IBM for 30 years, worked on designing the Sabre Reservation program for American Airlines, wrote instruction manuals for all sorts of computer equipment and in a word was the ultimate computer nerd. When I send him an email, he is as likely as not to either not respond or wait a week or two. He tells me that he doesn’t even know (or more importantly doesn’t want to know) how to get Netflix on his television. He is turned off computers. I then started thinking about the boys weekend last month. With the exception of my brother in law who is 84 and read the newspapers, everyone else was either on computers or video games or Ipads or whatever other means of avoiding conversation was available.
Well for starters next year we will have quiet time, I suggest one half day of no electronics and just conversation, a lost art. It is like writing letters long hand, an art as extinct as the dodo bird. If it isn’t a condolence note no one writes anymore.
So I wonder what the value of all this communication is and whether we are doing better or worse for it. Are we really saving time if we spend our days surfing the ‘net? I’m not sure the answer is clear because the computers are as revolutionary as the car or television or the ball point pen. Their use is what has to be defined and refined. And now if you will excuse me I have to check my emails.

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